What can you as a Sacred Servant or Preacher do to Save?

A Guide to Reinforcing the Belief for the Faithful and Saving the Lost 




Written Jan. 10 2012

Update Jan. 29

    To the Sacred Servants that have volunteered a lifetime of service to the Lord, Jesus Christ. This was a great sacrifice to improve the human condition both spiritually and physically. We all know the short comings and the few that tainted the all. We have all seen the importance of the sacraments lessen in the eyes of the youth, our future. The Lord expected you to preserve His church built by Peter through inspiration.

   Your job was guide parents of parish to teach the young of the Lord. Your job was maintain the importance of the Lord dying on the cross to save all of mankind. Your job to teach the congregation of the importance of the mass, as it is a recreation of the Last Supper. The Bible contains the Holy Word, do you hold it high in reverence for all to see? The faithful walk out of Mass before it is over, yet you say nothing. Would you walk out of a ceremony with Jesus, He is there in spirit? No. So why do you allow this to happen in the Lord's home, in which you are in charge of, because it hurts. So how do we change the past and move forward?

   I am here to inform you that you have little time, but you can make it count. On Dec. 21 2012 with the galactic alignment, ushers in the time of the dark one as he walks upon Earth. Your focus is to get all those on board to review their lives, make amends with the Almighty and this will make the transition easier. Secondary just plant the seed with the non believers for conversion and leave it to the Almighty to open their eyes with your prayers. What do not need to do is interpretation of scriptures. It is about living by the simple rule of treating others as you would treat yourself. This is simple. This is the Golden Rule. This is what the Almighty expects out of all of mankind. For you sacred servants, it is time to deliver.

   You will not waver upon threats. You not weaken to the wills of the elite, as many in the past has. You will not let your faith die in the darkest moments due to fear. For you are suppose to have none. You believe in the afterlife, but you are physically here on Earth with a purpose. If you are dead, some of you will not achieve your mission. It is about being forgiving when true remorse is there and ask for the gift of discernment. Although, "turn the other cheek" was meant for those, who would not strike twice. The Almighty does not want you to put those you are responsible for in harms way, for this is your first priority. It is up to the Lord to forgive as you are not allowed to judge right or wrong. Was this phrase rewritten in the Bible to provide an advantage to evil, yes. It is not up to you to decide, leave that to the Lord and ask Him. For He will tell you the truth while you are in prayer. It is time to start that dialog, truly, ask in your minds, for the many you will be surprised as there is more than science can explain. For others, there is still work to be done in your lives. When you are ready, the door will open, but this depends on a true effort by you. It not about your past, but what you plan to do now and in the future. Start now and you will never look back. Shortly, I will explain the living conscience and humanity's relationship to God, the Father.

Written Jan. 10 2012

   As a preacher you are always trying to change all that is around you. From the lives of your congregation, to improving the community, to providing that safety net for those in need always with the theme of God. For many, there is always an uphill struggle and that life load the Lord  has given you, would get lighter, but it seems to stay the same. You need to know, as you progress spiritually in your journey to know the Lord, He only gives what you can handle. Have you grown closer to the Lord? In almost all cases, your answer is yes. With this, comes added responsibilities. Do you remember how you asked in prayers if only Lord let me change what is around our community? Now wiser, stronger in faith your load has increased to your abilities, so you see no change. The Lord answered your request and expects you to deliver.

   Change is not given, but an opportunity for that brave soul to change that which is around him is. Evil is not erased, but courage is given to those who can eradicate it. A community just does not appear to get better as a miracle, but your hard work will change lives. Prayers are said to inspire those who can spur change. A prayer is so important, as it is the cries of those in need and it is this call that is answered by the few who can change the world, guided by the Almighty.

   Now a request is coming from the Heavens, to say a prayer during or after everyone of your sermons to a group that needs help, prisoners. Ask the congregation to think of one or two that they know is or was incarcerated and dedicate a selected prayer for them to reveal their future is not lost. It is not to be talked about as a merit badge or spoken to those selected, this gift is anonymous. It is here that the average person gets to change the course of a life that seems to be lost.

   We all have seen the injustices to those who cannot afford legal support. Those sent to jail to close a case and those set free that have money or status. It is here you can make a difference, for when the earth changes come, all, guilty or innocent will be seen as a threat. With lack of of food, security and some cases hope, all are expendable to protect the general population if and more likely a breech in security occurs during a disaster. Gospel singers, you have brought much joy to the Lord during a time were few believe and have caused much suffering with your sweet voices. Now the Lord Jesus Christ is asking you to sing for those He wants to save. Can you sing for them? For you and your congregations can help save them. 

The Prayers:

Dedicate it to the Mother of Salvation after the Rosary

Oh immaculate heart of Mary
Mother of Salvation and Mediatrix of all Graces
You who will participate in the salvation of humanity
From the wickedness of Satan
Pray for us

Mother of Salvation pray that all souls can be saved
and will accept the love and mercy shown by your Son
Our Lord Jesus Christ who comes once again to save Humanity
and to give us the chance of eternal salvation. Amen.


For the Sacred Servants of the Catholic Church recite this for spiritual strength

O My beloved Jesus
Keep me strong and the flame of my love for you alight
Every moment of my day
Never allow this flame of love for you to flicker or die
Never allow me to weaken in the presence of temptation
Give me the graces needed to honour my vocation, my devotion
my loyalty
And to uphold the teachings of the Orthodox Catholic Church
I offer you my allegiance at all times
I pledge my commitment to fight in your army
So that the Catholic Church can rise again in glory
To welcome you, dear Jesus, when you come again.

Written Jan. 31 2012

   To the Sacred Servants, I know your plates are full, as mine, but your Vicar Pope Benedict needs your help as the Vatican has been infiltrated and this power will manifest after the new year. Your Heavenly Queen of earth, Mother of Salvation asks you to put aside your fears and doubts and answer Her call. Do this in private mediation and try and visualize in your mind the Mother of God while reciting the prayer below. It is time to open your eyes, to that which has been closed for so long. Can you do this Sacred Servants and help change the course of earth?

O My Eternal Father on behalf of your beloved Son, Jesus Christ
and the suffering he endured to save the world from sin
I pray now that you protect your Holy Vicar, Pope Benedict, Head of your Church on earth
So that he too can help save your children and all your sacred servants
from the scourge of Satan and his dominion of fallen angels who walk the earth stealing souls
O Father protect your Pope so that your children can
Be guided on the true path towards your New Paradise on earth.


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