Progress On Earth May 2011

What is Next as a Timeline is Revealed


Written May 26 2011

   As the Earth changes move forward, it is those in government that change needs to address. The common man will not be told the truth unless forced, but that shall occur eventually. Events in South Asia have progressed to where land has sunk some areas and reached the predicted level 20 to 80 ft by Zeta Talk, while maintaining a level of denial within the public sector with those closely following all events.

   As service to other groups form, some will assume that name, when faced with disappointment or a prediction does not fall just right, criticism results, with the weak and self servicing mostly dropping out. The problem is that the best of those who deceive are still left in the end as they see an opportunity in confusion. You will have to weed them out as part of your safety and graduation.

   Those within the United States and its shadow side have been measuring the loss of land elevation in South East Asia and know the predicted levels within the time period ending 5/11 was achieved in some areas while the element of doubt continues among the public and those established web sites that inform the world. As a land mass falls due to compression and expansion it is the rising water tables that tell the truth.

   The earthen mass at the greatest heights falls first and it is only in the shallow water tables with any rainfall does the change show to the general population. If there is drop within the center mass as it falls the land mass is pushed outwards, thus providing temporary support on the edges of the islands where meet by the sea. It is only this effect that is keeping the cities of Singapore and Jakarta still above the waves. Although, this will change in the coming summer months.

   Progress has been made on a few fronts, but are meaningless in the total picture. Concessions like suspending (closing) SETI, gravitational wave detectors LIGO are a start. You need to stop all support for CERN, they do not have a clue in solving the complex interactions that affect subatomic particle movement or finding the basic particle. How could they? Still stuck in the past, as most of their physicists think the electron component of the atom spins about the nucleus instead of passing through. Please save our money.

   Setting up a cell phone warning system is only a small start. Not all will address a warning in the middle of the night coming in from a cell. Pranksters and those trying to mislead the population with leaked phone lists of those who sign up will cause a problem by sending false text messages so that when the time comes few shall listen. This is why a tsunami warning system on the Atlantic coast is imperative.

   Use of the Corp of Army Engineers needs to be expanded as if it was a war, because it is. This will be your first line of defense against nature. Train them now and move some of the Black Project money to the automakers for earth moving equipment, emergency vehicles, concrete plants and construction materials. If this has already been enacted, but low key great due the anticipated Republican push back. This is a need to know, creating less interference with help for America.

   What about the decision to flood Cajun country? The residents knowingly built in a flood plain, first priority for a home was financial, now that decision or chance has bit them. It is a blessing in disguise as they would been flooded out in future events with no source of help that is available now. In the future Cajun country would have been just another of many communities in distress and being poor a low priority in the eyes of the Republicans. It is here that the few have to pay the price to save the many in the cities. Now this decision was made with the best intentions, lets hope those in government learn by their example instead of the current plans of the bunkers.

   This website gave a Earth and social change timeline of 4/21 to 5/11 with a peak of May 1 in the events on the title 2 page in advance. First, this is not psychic, clairvoyant, soothsayer or some other type of medium to predict events, it is just hard work. The flow of magma that stopped the sinking process in southeast Asia did resume in force on 4/21. Killer Tornadoes, extreme Mississippi floods, the unexpected social event on May 1 that affected the world and many unreported areas in Southeast Asia, northern South America and the Caribbean now under water. The wildcard is the electrical discharges emanating from the Earth and charged atmosphere causing some related transformer blowouts throughout certain areas of the country.

   So with knowing of some of the timeline, only to be constructive with Human events, where do we go? First, I will reveal a definitive short term time line so that all concerned will have a somewhat even chance. Where at first, the gap between the rich and poor will seem wide, but over time it will merge.

   Now where does that leave the leadership of the United States? The population has been shown a sequence of devastating events. Lost of jobs, homes, ethics, faith in God and all because most are set in their ways and believe what is presented. You have witnessed fraud in the banking industry and have lost over 50% of your 401s on average. In a planned war, you have lost family members in the cause of freedom, but those who sent your sons and daughters had another agenda. You have been presented a Christian set of morals, which those in control they force upon America, but do not follow within their own homes. How many Christian family heads of household change wives 3 times and this is the example you are to follow? Change comes from example and actions, which few when put to the test follow.

   If a person that is different from the members in education, net worth or appearance (used as an example as this occurs across all races and all levels of society) seeks help in your church, do you offer all resources of help like Christ or show him the back door pointing him to a more tolerable source of assistance with his own kind? The Almighty told you, when you offered help to the least, you offer help in His eyes, but few of you have learned. Restrictions, like you can not drink, but Jesus did at the Last Supper to control the fold. In life it is not about the restrictions, but the free will to refuse to do what will harm others. Can you promote this idea?

   The Republicans will have a choice, to truly help America by providing a level playing field between industry and labor where both win. You have seen the oil industry use Libya to speculate prices on the spot market. They come to Congress and testify as if the spot price determines the future cost of a barrel of oil in the pipeline. They lied, as they have 30 to 50 year agreements. They refuse to increase refining capacity as this also can choke supply of the finished product, compensating in times of excess supply. But the wholesale suppliers can also take advantage, as they gouge the station owners in the face of rising prices. The tax cuts, you as a citizen have provided to the oil industry, funded exploration yielding a wealth of reserves, but most resulted in capped oil wells held off line until the price is right. This is what you are up against.

   Now some of your Senators and Representatives, bought and paid for are going to give your money to the oil industry. Have the Republicans addressed the true source of increase at the pump? No. As they know if this holds the finger of blame, this will be deflected in political ads towards Obama in 2012 if the trend persists. You can make a change if your own party members side with big oil, or Republicans at heart pretending as labeled Democrats. You were told that true intent will be shown, this is just the start.

   You have scapegoat Cantor attending town hall meetings with the elite, assuring that the status quo will continue, low taxes and superficial attempts pushing regulations to control their ability to make money. The American people need to realize politician do lie to the voter to deliver for another. Also that it is not just Republicans, but most long term Democrats with those in the Mid West revealing the true intentions first.

   It is collusion of the many who come together for a common goal, but when in public media seems opposed. Capitalism states competition is the key to success, but the banking and oil industry has found another way. The truth, they all cheat and it is you that pays the price, because most of you still believe the lies. You lost jobs, homes, standard of living, families and now you cannot afford to drive in a recession. To the men, with Memorial Day quickly approaching, why don't you go to the grocery store to buy the meat and experience sticker shock that your wife budgets everyday. This is for real and there is more. Since the message has been ignored, many of those you admire will fall as this is occurring now.

   Addressing the early field of candidates, Trump did not heed warnings and was crushed, Huckabee did and withdrew. Just like others as their wives know what is at stake and will not let their husbands be the fall guy. Earth changes will escalate during the primary season and the challengers will have no answer. They will be seen as inept and not prepared when it is your life on the line. Just what Republican will you trust to learn on the job when everything you know could be lost the next day? Do you want Obama who has a plan  for the safety of America when the time is right or do you want to start the "Rookie" with your life at stake? Remember the Republicans have known what is coming since the fifties. They have made safe havens for top Republicans and some turn coat Democrats and families, but not for you. Others offered safety for their deeds to deceive the general population well down the food chain, will find their bunkers known to the public and with an angry mob outside and limited protection, well?

   So lets address the Earth Changes, those within the government knew that the Japanese quake could have been predicted within a day, but was with held. The Earth change of 4/21 to 5/11 with the peak on 5/1 was on the money. The sinking escalated on 4/21, an major social change occurred on 5/1 and certain areas have sunk to predicted levels, but allow public denial for now. So what is next?

   Southeast Asia will continue to sink with corresponding events in the Caribbean and Central America. Surprises will come to Texas and Arkansas as sink holes and earthquakes devastate the home territory of the oil industry and Bush. The next set of major Earth and social changes will occur from 9/11 to 10/1 2011 and is the first events in a cluster, which has not been seen. Followed by a second set of events in  the month Oct 2011 all of which, the same remnant group that radio church group missed 5/21 and will again state the end in October is here. As Turmoil in Caribbean, Central and South America escalate. For them, this is their growing process and just maybe it was their prayers that delayed events. They will energize the base again in Oct. 2011. They may have events wrong, but it is their belief that is true, so leave them alone. Everyone on Earth makes mistakes, it is how we forward and grow that counts.

   So why is the timeline being given? First to send a message to the elite and their pawns, the Republicans and some long term Democrats know that it will not be a single event that defines your fleeing to the shelter. There will be many and sooner or later you will have to emerge and offer an explanation. You may offer national security at the first, as an excuse to the gullible, but you will have to explain why, this will not happen the second time as fear runs through your veins.

   As leaders did you provide shelters to protect the nation as a best effort over the past 60 years? You have a plan for members of government elected by the people, but your plan does not include them. A true leader faces danger with those depending on him or her and does not hide until it is safe to come out. For that is not a leader, but a coward protecting themselves with the money of the people they were sworn to protect. You had no problem spending a trillion dollars on a war chasing the wrong guy.

  Two more periods of Earth and social changes in Nov. 2011 and Mid Dec 2011 now what? As Africa and the Middle East participate and parts of southern Europe. Plus there is always the surprise event that no one will be prepared for.

   Politics within the United States is based on revenue from special interests to get elected and then when you win, there is party loyalty. Where the freshmen are threaten to conform or be an outcast, again this is political collusion. All have seen the party vote as one even though it is not in your best interest. In 2012 the stakes will be high, but you need to choose those who will truly represent the people, for this is your country. A political ad is for the weak, who are easily led astray, is this the future of our country? Well paid media moguls who prey on the fears of the weak and turn them into votes. Wakeup, change starts with you, not a politician's promise, which will may never be met. When a politician backs an agenda, look at who truly wins and if what passes in Congress is a true solution or a covert transfer of wealth to the connected? We need teams to go after tax fraud, it is owed, lets collect. Medicare double billing, excess testing when the doctors own the labs, this is simple. Commodity speculation, it has gotten to the point where anyone making under 225K is affected. Republicans show America you care rein it in, or is this too big of a challenge for the party that thinks it is touch with America? Share redundant divisions in government and consolidate where one group, efficient eliminates duplication. Healthcare starts at home with checkups and prevention. You can treat and educate them where all contribute or bankrupt the healthcare system and overwhelm social safety nets.

   I have told you, no Republican will defeat Obama as the Earth changes ramp up during primary season starting in late Jan 2012 to April 2012 with five separate event periods. In the face of turmoil, all challengers will seem weak and their words just fluff. Most challengers will feel betrayed by the Republican elite for being convinced to run. You only have to blame your self as you desired power and though you could change the world for your backers. Did you ever question why Boehner, Mitch and Cantor don't run especially if they can change the course of America? Has this been the case in the past?  If you state your subordinates can beat Obama, then why not you? A team sends its best to compete, unless their is another agenda. Is it because they what is coming and behind closed doors in the bunkers some of you think you can just ignore the executive branch, because that is your plan. Sacrifice the pawns in the election and if they win, "we" still run the show. Some signs will appear in the heavens that even the most skeptical news show host will flip on their long held position. This will be no time to test the unseasoned or special interest and the American public will make this known by their votes.

   Now will the last week of Dec 2012 again be a day of reckoning? No. This date too will also pass, but destruction will occur and for some on Earth, and it will be the end physical life as they succumb to disasters. During this time period that great quakes in Japan have their earliest chance to start, but with the many variables in the Universe, this is in the hands of the Almighty. Will parts of this island nation sink into the ocean? Yes. But, the greatest danger will be from nuclear plants not shut down in time and spent fuel rod ponds that have not been cleaned and they have been warned. Radiation after the quakes will make rescue a death sentence for those who want to help. No country will take the masses as the many will die anyway and harm the healthy. Where are doing to bury the radioactive dead by the millions? Japan needs to reconsider nuclear power, after the disaster your elite will be tainted, though healthy all developed nations will turn their backs in disgust.

   With the May 2011 G-8 meeting, pressure on Obama to provide safe haven is escalating from the nations of Europe and Japan, as no country offers the space and protection that the US can. How can our elected officials offer shelter and refuge when the Republicans, established Democrats and the elite fear reprisals from this nation if told? So what are the heads of state thinking? Most plan to circumvent any restrictions by increasing their diplomatic corp. and transferring as many as possible to embassies in the US. As for Israel, they expect the Republicans to deliver on their promise as many will be transported to isolated US bases in the West under the cover of darkness. The problem water, why the large number of tankers on the road when Hoover dam fails to bases with a staff of a few thousand? 

   The advice in all this, if you are not empowered to choose your own path by your own free will, then look for another source of information. Examine the intent of those who lead, how do their words help others? Who benefits most from their actions? Invent a war in the name of freedom without question, transfer trillions to the military industrial complex. Sneak a person past airport security with a device in their under wear, which would do little damage to a plane, spend billions on screeners that violate personal privacy for a bogus sense of protection created by the false flag event.

   The goal, create the problem and then offer the solution. Those words comprise all transfers of wealth and power on Earth. When are you as a population going to grow up and take responsibility for your world? You are almost out of time. Great change comes in the face of great turmoil, will you be that leader of change by actions instead of words? Lincoln did it, when he freed the slaves. Gandhi did it when he freed India. Moses did it when he delivered God's chosen and this will happen again!

   The coming changes are not about carnal survival coupled with the saved knowledge of mankind as if it is the pinnacle achievement in the universe. The elite have bet everything on this, but graduating to the next level is determined by your actions when faced with fear and this comes from the heart. For the elite, each of these up coming events will send an ever increasing number to bunkers, but as you see, you will suffer far greater in isolation than those you left with no help. Just know, I have something special for you and your bunkers backed by the Almighty. Again you have a way out, help those who elected you. It is your choice.


The Sequence of Escalating Events for Earth and Social Changes

Intensity does pull back at certain points then accelerates

This is due to prayer, which is saving mankind's ass

Each approximate set of dates are a separate group of related events

As you now know and this can change according to how mankind reacts to his neighbor many of the minor chastisements have been averted


Year 2011

Sept. 11 - Oct. 1

Oct. 11 - Nov.1

Nov. 7 - 21

Dec. 9 - 24


Year 2012

Jan. 24 - Feb. 7

Feb. 14 - 28

Mar. 1 - 14

Mar. 18 - Apr. 8

April 9 - 25

May 16 - 31

June 20 - July 7

July 10 - 26

Aug. 1 - 14

Aug. 16 - Sept. 5

Sept. 18 - Oct.2

Oct. 5 - 19

Nov. 4 - 14

Nov. 26 - Dec. 10

Dec. 20 - Jan 4  "Mayan Prediction"


Year 2013

Jan. 4 - 17

Jan. 20 - 31

Feb. 4 - 13

Feb. 15 - 25

It gets worse


   Remember these events are a test for all of humanity, will you find a common thread binding all. You can break the veil clouding our perception of life on earth where all coordinate as one elevating all as one to graduate or continue that which the elite want, divide and conquer and the offer no hope and despair to hoard all resources among the few.

   Just let the commoners die as they eliminate each other for a set of resources that one in 10,000 will survive. Is this what you want, abandon all morals and ethics to live at any cost, then what? When found by the elite, you would be killed as a threat, as you offer no value in your weaken state. If faced with a choice, go with dignity your body may die, but the soul lives on and it is your actions that you will held accountable for. Advice, trust in God, for He is your only hope.

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