Sacred Servants: Fear Not

The Book of Truth



Written  Oct  05

Updated Nov 11


   Sacred Servants why do doubt these words? Are you letting fear decide your decisions, when your faith should be firm? The Almighty has let me know that many of you believe these messages, but you are taking no action until you see positive proof. Jesus tells you, it will be too late as all of you must have faith. Did He not test Job? Did He not tell you He would come like a thief in the night? Francis, the false prophet will crush all opposition as his soft words of cooperation, humility, concern for the poor and acceptance of others are a façade to fool all of his true nature and fear will spread throughout the Church as key parts of the Mass are changed.

   You are now being told to recite the Hail Mary at Mass and to promote the Rosary to be said by this pope and the cardinals in front of the faithful as a sign of trust and the need for prayer to battle evil. Watch carefully to what is happening in the background. Are they mouthing the prayer or speaking loudly for the Heavens to hear? Agents of hell will experience great pain when the Rosary is recited. This is how you will weed out the wolves hiding among the sacred servants. As for the faithful some still use quiet prayer to adore God as this is not a witch hunt. If you find out that someone in the hierarchy of the Church has been compromised, you are to pray for them and take no action. And under no circumstances are you to reveal your plans; even if someone reveals theirs, unless, you are divinely inspired to accept them. There will be no doubt.

   You have been told that he, the false prophet will embrace a theme for the Church and the congregation to help the poor setting up worldwide groups to help all. He will say would not Jesus want you to help the poor. This is true and on the surface few see little wrong with this. This is a subtle switch from what Jesus taught us. The Word has stated he wants the poor in spirit as your goal first and foremost. There will always be poor in this world and yes they need help but this is not your focus. Let no new decree change the importance of what the Lord has accepted from you sacred servants for over 2 thousand years. The seat of Peter shall not change, interpret or refocus the Words of Jesus, for He is the Truth and the Truth does not change, for any man. It is not your job to take care of the material needs of the world’s population. It is your job to take care of the spiritually poor which comes in all forms of mankind, rich, poor, well, lame, influential to the powerless. This is your mission.

   The present pope is perceived as humble in the eyes of the world, but if his picture adorns objects and pictures in your church, the agenda has changed. As pompous in a subtle fashion at first is a sign of the dark one. These changes are there for you to see, never let the image of the Risen Christ replace the Crucifix outside of the post Easter season. As this may be the start of the removal of the Crucifix from our Alter, permanently. You will see the Alter stripped and adorned in red as this is the color of the beast. As you are told in excitement of the new changes within the church to embrace the world, know they were not authorized by Christ, no matter what the pope states or how many cardinals agree.

  What direction is he leading the Church with the acceptance of gays and abortion under the guise that he cannot judge? Accepting all to embrace the new faith by stating God forgives all, thus lessening the impact of sin on mankind, but that is why Jesus came and died to save you from sin. You can not down play sin in the future. Francis it is your job to prevent sin, but your acceptance encourages as you cast a blind eye. If you do not lead, who then? But that is the plan to allow the Laws of God to be change by you. Sacred servants are just going to roll over or fight this in the name of the Lord with a new approach? His goal is to eliminate all who oppose change and no man even the pope has the right to change that which is the Word of God. As soon, in our world the True Word, the Truth will not be allowed.

   Many of you haven’t a clue on how to survive without the Church and pride will stop you from asking for help, but so many come to you. Think about it. I ask you would rather be warned even though fear rises and take steps to lessen the pain of persecution as foretold in Revelations through frugal and quiet preparation or be forced to choose between Jesus and a new form of faith as excommunication hangs above your head?

   You have been told that you cannot serve two masters or you will fall. This is your fate. Jesus needs you to choose now while your gut tells you something is wrong, but the world goes on. Not tomorrow, but today as either you stand with our Lord or the dark side. It is that important for your guidance will no longer come from the Vatican, but from Jesus himself. It is here that your communication will upgraded to where you are telepathic to the Lord only. For every day that you hesitate, souls are lost.

   You say we have heard this before and are tired of false starts. This has been true as to weed out the unbelievers, but your test is to meditate (as this is not to give credence to new age religion) and ask God to enlighten you, can you do this? Do you want to be held accountable for those lost souls on judgment day as you weep at the feet of our Lord? I hope not. You have nothing to lose by preparing with items that would have been recycled or saving the host of the Eucharist. If wrong, it will be a late recycle. If right you will be favored by God.

   When asked to go on a retreat, beware for it is here you will be asked to sign allegiance to a new Catholic doctrine. Stall or leave, but do not forsake Jesus by pledging and more important warn others. Accept the new doctrine and this will amount to a sacrilege. I say if only because you have a choice, for me it is I know who I stand for our Lord and Savior with no doubts. Are you going to hide and scatter like His Apostles did when the Pharisees came for Him? It is about bringing glory to Him, nothing else. This is how I ride with God.

   This is what you must do, not consider do. For it your mission, your duty to accept all that God has given you, as an order to save His children.  Failure is not an option as you are against satan in the end times even though this is not clear to you presently for many. You are to hide all excess Bibles and printed books associated with the Mass in shrink wrap. Place moth balls inside of boxes to prevent rodent infestation. Instead of destroying them, your excuse is to replace warn material. You are to hide the chalices and replace them with cheap decoys. Every week siphon off a “certain percentage” of the unconsecrated hosts a preserve them by acquiring a vacuum seal machine bought with cash purchased by a trusted layman. Wine must be purchased now while prices are cheap and stored. Your garments that are old must be gathered as those for the alter boys. All this is to be moved off site known only to you. No, this is not stealing for you being directed by your true Master, Jesus. As my words are His as I am just the messenger.

   You must talk quietly to trusted family members, if something was to go astray would there be help and a place to stay. This is your goal, to be ahead of the curve instead of reacting from behind. Most important, have three sites the first one is known the congregation you trust and place the seal of protection on the wall for all to see at locations 1 and 2. The second site is for your insiders. The third site will also have the seal, but is for you only at this point your orders will come from Jesus only. You are not to make waves that will bring attention. You are to deny all preparation by anyone who asks. This is what the Lord asks you to do in His name. Prepare and stay quiet until called. The problem is few are preparing, but the Almighty now states many of you have heeded theses words and more are. This is where you sacred servants need to step it up before the power in Rome crushes you. The Apostles were not prepared to confront the Romans, as you will not be prepared to fight the antichrist and the false prophet, but you can be prepared to retreat into hiding and protect the faithful as this is the oath you took when you became a priest. In God’s army there are no cowards just heroes saving souls through the Word of God. All need to stand firm as we do not need distress to add to the confusion that will befall this world. The Truth will never change for man is not authorized to question the Truth. Who will act for the Lord?  I will. Now be that person and bring home the children of God and love your Lord.


Update Nov 5


   Many of you as sacred servants are cautious when your faith is tested and as you read these words. The Lord has said more than half of you will betray Him. Tell me this is not so. You shall replace what is the Word with your intellect and more important, you will flow with the crowd, which has been tainted through a slow process of infiltration. This will be your downfall. Few of you are willing to be ridiculed by others when your belief goes against mainstream, because your mentality is still stuck at "if". Do you even understand the scriptures you preach to the faithful? Less than 5% of you truly believe we are in the end times and this is the generation described by John in the Bible as the Word. You were told the world would adore the antichrist. You were told by Mary, the House of Peter, would be held by an impostor. All of this fore told by the prophets, but you would rather believe your lying eyes. Now through the Grace of God you are being given a plan of action. For those who believe, this is not for you.

   You who are weak and you know who you are, but no disrespect. Here this! In your weakness, which is human, many of you will follow the false prophet, Francis and his new doctrine to embrace all of humanity. The world will adore him, but he will forsake our Lord Jesus Christ as all related to the Son of God your Savior, will be caste aside and removed from the alter meant to respect Him, the Son of God. His Crucifix, the Eucharist which celebrates His death to eliminate sin and give everlasting life to you. Is this what you want, to deny like the Pharisees did in the past? Have you not learned anything in 2000 years? It is not about what is being seen as helping the poor, including others to embrace the Christian faith through compromise as this is fine, but you do not change the Laws of God and how sin separates you from God and bonds you with the dark one. What sounds too good to be true, is just that, a lie. Let no man tell you sin is ok as if the tablets handed to Moses are now insignificant, again, just lies as the reign of the dark one to seduce a world comes full circle and you again are none the wiser. Remember how Moses ascended the mount to receive the Ten Commandments and those that saw the miracles of Gods were easily influenced to sin when he was gone. This is how weak the soul is under the influence of the dark one.

   The warning is once you accept the dark side of the Catholic Church and do not let the overwhelming numbers of converts, the facade of caring for the poor fool you as this was foretold, you may be lost. With the wealth of the Rothschild and the world banks under control a fraction of the 700 Trillion dollar will turn heads and receive acclaim in the controlled media. Do not be fooled as the goal is the human souls of God’s children in this final battle, nothing else matters. You are up against unlimited money, the power of the governments of the world unified presenting the façade to seduce the world into believing only one man (antichrist), one spiritual man (false prophet) all controlled by the essence of satan which will help all who are disenfranchise and suffered from war created by the same source. This plan has been in place from the beginning of the time of satan and his dark angels when exiled to the lake of fire.

   What you do not know that which is evil has equal access to your soul as true balance in the universe. You were told the wheat would be separated from the chaff and you think a decision of the soul for eternity would be chosen through a series of trials would be easy? Once you accept the new doctrine, you have sold your soul. You are not protected. This is where millions will die as persecution of the faithful. It is not those who were tested that die, but those who cross over and realized their mistake returned to God. But you forget one thing. As the spirit of evil has dominion over all who accept or agree with the mark, as millions will be fooled. On the surface this does not seem to be a threat, but look deeper. The dark one has and will destroy all that were seduced and decide to fight for God as you know you have made a mistake. As a traitor your dark master is given control of your fate. The problem, few would have made the quiet atonement, but acting on fear. This is what we hope to prevent, a loss of souls if you listen.

   We need to get the percentage of sacred servant above 50% as the fate of mankind is about change and it starts here. First, pray to Jesus for guidance in secrecy, trust no one.  Let me repeat no one as some who know you are shifting will be sent to test you. They will lie and say they have second thoughts looking for guidance. It is a trap. Tell them you believe the church has a mission to bring all together, but change the words and move on. Second, over an extended period of time prayer of the Hail Mary and atonement is paramount as you denied Jesus in front of the world and now are seeking forgiveness. As an ex agent of the dark side parts of your soul are still linked and this will betray you during the transition period.

   You are to take no action. No matter what you see as this will save your physical life as time will be needed for you soul to heal on earth. Once dead, you’re actions against God and your atonement in the eyes of your judge Jesus determines your fate. No matter how your soul wrenches as others suffer and die for the mistakes you made, you cannot change their fate. This is under Jesus’ Mercy. All are responsible for their own souls, through the actions of free will. It is only after time and when you submit your free will to Jesus as a former traitor will you be given the change to march in the Remnant Army and fight for the Truth. You earned it.

   That which is spiritual is beyond human comprehension and no man or false doctrine will guide but the Most Holy Word, the Bible will, when you have been told most of the world would be fooled. Do you think these are just meaningless words in a book or the Word of God, the Bible? Make that choice.


Update Nov 11


   In the end times, which you face, I am proud that some of the sacred servants have returned the Crucifix to the sacred Alter where it belongs, for this is our faith, thank you brave ones. You have been told that others will sing the praise of Francis and this is now occurring within the Catholic Church by design. The praises on the surface are with merit for now, but you were told this is a facade affecting the future of this world. Now, it is your place to continue as his plan, has not yet unfolded to discern the Truth, as to act early would lose the trust of your parish. The souls you were assigned, is to bring home to our Lord and Savior, Jesus. It is about faith, trust and confidence as you inform the faithful with seeds rather than warnings and let the Almighty develop your seeds to fruit. This is your mission; now deliver for Jesus when all around follow the new church. Are you going to abandon Jesus again as was done in the past by the Pharisees in the past? No, as God has yet to talk to them in over 2 thousand years, but he talks to you! When the changes are made that deviates from the Word of your Lord, leave as you have been prepared.

   Now for the weak, those who pledged their lives to the Lord, but never thought in a time of civilization their faith would be tested. You pledged your life in honor of our Savior who saved our sorry asses from sin. Do you remember when you recited the Holy Vows sacred servant? This is a pact with God that shall not be broken by man. Do you understand this? Now and more important in the near future, the public and the "new" church that changes the laws of God and the teachings of Jesus, will embrace the Catholic Church and secular world are you OK with this? Oh, you don't want to rock the boat. Oh, the orders are coming from Rome so they must be correct. Oh, they are caring for the poor so what if the Mass changes. Oh, what a fools you are. As you were warned in the Third Letter of Fatima from your Mother of Salvation, Mary through innocent children, as the rumors are true. When lead astray you will either perish as souls destroyed by the antichrist as you have no protection from the Almighty or choose another path.

   There are 2 Crusades you must recite everyday for months and you will be told when it is enough. You will not question your penance and all of you will pray for others as we have prayed for you. If you pass this test, welcome to the remnant army where they are no cowards and all sacrifice for the Lord to bring all the children of this world home to Jesus and Father. This is your task. This is your mission. This is where failure is the loss of your soul and others.

    The Almighty is pissed, to put firmly. All of you still reject these words as half truths. But you say this may say, yes, it is true that change is upon us, but even your dates are lacking. Why should we change with urgency when the earth changes affect on the most part Asia? The Almighty speaks, "All of you my children I seek, good or bad as would you do anything different when your child commits a crime? You write in your media where is God in your disasters, is this the only time you seek Me? Yes and it is by the chastisements on earth all of you will seek your Father, God Almighty no matter what crimes you have committed. You need only ask true forgiveness from My Son, Jesus your judge and Savior." When lost recite this Crusade Prayer.



Crusade Prayer to save the weak sacred servants and others, who realize they may have made a mistake

Crusade Prayer (124) Hear my plea for freedom

   O God, my Merciful Father, Creator of all that is, hear my plea for freedom. Release me from the chains of slavery and protect me from evil persecution. Help me to discern the Truth and come to my aid, even if I am confused and may doubt Your Word. Forgive me if I offend You and take me into the refuge of Your New Paradise on Earth. Amen.


Crusade Prayer from Mary, your Mother of Salvation

Crusade Prayer (125) To defend the Most Holy Word of God

   O Mother of Salvation, help me, a humble servant of God, to defend His Most Holy Word in times of torment. Consecrate me, dear Mother, to your Son, so that He can cover me with His Precious Blood. Grant me, through the Intercession of your Son, Jesus Christ, the grace, the strength and the will to remain true to the Teachings of Christ in the times of Tribulation, which will devour His Most Holy Church on Earth. Amen.

Pray like your life depends on it, because it does. Heed this. 


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