Same Sex Marriage Decision

Lawsuit against DOMA


Written June 26, 2013

Update July 8


   Today’s decision at the Supreme Court brings celebration for the rights of all people. It is true, that all men and women are created, all. This includes, race, sexual orientation, religion, education or access to monetary resources. If insurance companies and the government want to provide benefits to individuals based on a civil union so be it. As all people despite if they are same sex need to be respected as children of God. Yes there is love between two people as that comes from God. Yes there is a family unit sometimes with children, but children come from God. Ask yourselves, how can the Supreme Court side step affirmative action and crush voting rights, yet rule in favor of gay rights? Be careful here as you have to look at the greater picture.

   The Almighty speaks, “You My children have no clue of how far you have strayed away from Me. I gave you a set of rules, the Commandments, but man’s courts are rewriting My Laws. I forbid homosexuality as I destroyed a civilization for disobedience. Marriage is a Holy Sacrament in which, no man or woman shall separate that which I joined. I did not join two men or 2 two woman, this is your humanism, as these are not My ideas that flood your minds today. Those that are plotting against you will use humanism, and self enlightenment to where you think you are almost gods in control of your destiny. Make no mistake; I will destroy all who mock My Commandments given to you by Moses. Make no mistake; I will not sanction any union in the eyes of God even if you stand before a priest. Make no mistake you are only fooling yourself as same sex marriage and the idea that is your right does not come from Me.

   At the warning you will face My Son and it is here you will be judged so that you may change before the Second Coming. I love all of My children and will forgive your sins, but once who know, there will be a choice. Accept My Laws or perish as I created you. I am a loving God and trust Me, you will want for nothing if you freely join my Son you loves each and every one of you.”

   The key here is to see beyond the veil of deceit as some in the Supreme Court are aligned with the NWO, but do not know the source of there true orders and pressures. You have been told your rights would be infringed on; it is now happening in your highest court. You have been told that which is against God’s Laws would be justified by your courts and the march for humanism. This has happen. You have been told abortion would be accepted, first in Europe and soon in the US. This plan is in place; exploit your weaknesses of humanism and self awareness, while crushing your rights as a citizen. You are being herded. You on earth are here for a reason to make a choice where Good vs. evil is the final battle on earth and few of are aware. You that are same sex couples will shortly have dreams telling you the Truth, heed the message for after the warning those of you who survive, time will be short.

   I ask all of you aligned with the dark one, no matter how you spin you where promise a world, but this Sun will die. You are the rulers of this earth, but what will do when the birth place of your leader is destroyed. If truly all powerful and can control your destiny, can he not protect his sacred birth place? If not, then why are you risking your lives with someone who can not deflect the wrath of God, think about it?

  You in government have let power and arrogance to get to your heads. You seem to think that joining that which is popular instead of obeying the law is prudent. How sad. You publicly mock that which is from the Almighty as the words written here are meaningless. Again you are given a certain time period to change, but now when the minor chastisements come; it will be your friends and family affected first. All of them will know it was your arrogance that brought them pain as you dismiss these warnings.


Update July 8


   Many of you in the media are confused. As there is the euphoria that same sex marriage has been passed and now is the law of the land, but there is something missing. You see all rushing to commit, but like heterosexual relationships, all have the same pitfalls when that which is love; the essence of God is now tainted. When are the rights of children above the Creator? Never! Do you not think God, which created love and you, sees the greater picture? But now as just pups in the universe, you know better. You behave just like spoiled children, who only see their carnal wants for the present.

   Same sex marriage when excised as civil union is your choice. What will not happen without intervention is for you through your media outlets to justify this new definition as a human right above the union in the eyes of the Almighty. You will be held responsible for the loss of souls, no mater how you spin your loopholes. You have been told and ignorance of these words as you hear the rumors will not excuse you. How quickly all of you jump on the band wagon when all seem to agree, but it is not you, opinion of others, or the law of the Supreme Court that super cedes that which law written in stone. The Almighty now speaks, “You were given the sacred rules of marriage and you as My children are not going to change what are My Laws? Can you procreate or do depend upon those that follow My Laws through your science or adoption? Life would cease to exist. As I your Father are responsible for all that you see. So what you think is a loving relationship between the same is not from Me. I ask you, if all were like you, who expressed love that comes only from Me, your race would die out. Is your lust so important, that you would sacrifice all? You speak about your rights and express that you are to seen as normal. If you were normal and all like you, the human race would cease to exist. Do you see something wrong here?”

   All people deserve to be loved, feel wanted and return love, which only comes from the Almighty. You were given rules to live by and these rules do not change, because you think it is now a human right. Again ask, if these ideas are presented to your minds and they do not come from God, then who? Deceit from the dark one presents that which seems for the good of all, to subtly reject that which is the Truth. The Truth never changes, just the minds of men.

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