Addressing Scientists and Universities


Written 2009

   As you are now realizing, the Pole Shift will not be a quick process.  Where those in collusion will have to make a choice. No one can fault the majority of scientists in the varied fields for suppression under national security of previous administrations and world leaders, but there will be a scapegoat, the cosmologists. If you knew of the object, then why are you protecting old theories, which need modification? How will current theories explain a moving planetary object that entered the inner solar system at a high velocity slowed to a crawl and is now gaining velocity to exit the inner solar system? How will you explain the ricochet motion affecting continental drift as it exits the system?

   Presenting explanations incorporating some of the new ideas with the old theories like the program "Universe" on the History channel in the US will not work. Your new attempts to explain the 23 degree tilt and Great lakes have only some truth. When society looks for answers, you will have little to give. This only becomes a bigger problem when other nations choose to explore alternate explanations and they will have the answers that fit. While many hold on, the students who use the web exploring alternate theories will lose respect for the same answers. Other countries like China are now embracing new theories quietly and will quickly advance in technology by adapting new ideas, in this competitive world. It will only take one success to change direction establishing a solid base.

   Allegiance to protect old ideas gives way to countless discoveries when given the correct tools and path. This will drive change instead the agenda of a select few protecting status quo. Will the West and their universities stand by passively and watch, I hope not. Classes in alternate ideas must be offered, first as electives administered by groups outside the influence of the established department or corporate funding. Then let the student advancements and the flow of new patents choose direction and create new sources of  revenue streams over time for the universities.

   Again you can continue your present pattern, but there are many Eastern countries that will change at any cost to move ahead of the West. The World will change for the betterment of all. I live in the West world, and would like to see this change. The select group of divided scientists operating under the Black Projects as now no one should have access to all knowledge for decades is counter productive and will not compete against an unified group of millions from another nation sharing all.

   No matter how large you think your lead seems. With the new base of particle movement, an understanding of the atom and gravity there will be quantum leaps in knowledge. The details for perpetual motion of a generator once started, creates far more energy than used is presented in the perpetual motion paper for over a year and it can be duplicated in any laboratory is a result of this new base. Yet any commercial use is solely under the control of the US Military, but it is an example of changes to come, which under current theories was thought to be as impossible. This just one of millions of advancements that will come once started.


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