The Floods

The Book of Truth



Written Mar 25


   You were warned over a year ago that the Great Floods would be soon upon us and that time starts on or shortly after the first of four total lunar eclipse Blood Red Moons, to occur on Passover April 15 2014. Many of the astute know the chastisements have started, but a new level of earth changes will be unleashed and confirm for many in the know in governments and military that change is here and is beyond their control.

   It is only sadly when distress is brought to lives that you seek God. This is the goal as if this was not to occur when you die and realize your life on earth determines your future home almost all of you would weep bitter tears. You will see your lives in its beauty and disgust towards others. You will say our friends and media led us, but you choose to follow their bias and hate. How many signs were given to you that you were on the wrong path? Did not these opinions allow anger to fester? Did not opinions forge opinions that many in need are lazy and looking to take what is yours? Just where do you thinks these thoughts come from, not Jesus. But in your minds corrupted by pride and arrogance you do not see this. Ask yourself if all were treated equal in school and parents given the tools in low income homes to rise above poverty instead of leaving their kids unsupervised working double or triple jobs to make ends meet with fair wages. This is why this country needs a minimum wage increase.

   As a people when are some of us going to move from complaining to hard work? Many races have been oppressed and millions eliminated so it is fine to rise above the abuse and remember it is another to move forward. Have you? Are you better today than in the days of Martin Luther King?

   The coming chastisements will bring all together in this nation as the world fractures due to earth changes and political upheavals. This is just the start as wars influenced by the powers to be with austerity and lack of resources will drive nation against nation. This is the plan.

    The floods will be a great equalizer homes and lives that are washed away will not discriminate. Rescuers will not step past another to save you because you have and now had money as investments and currencies crash. The intensity will inundate tens to a hundred million at a time over whelming rescue and hospital operations. It is here that you will truly have to care for each other as family even though you are strangers.

    All of you will be shock to how fast this world succumbs to regional wars and for little reason. The chastisements will open opportunities to invade the weak. Take by force that which is not yours, who will stop them? Weak leaders of the world with words and sanctions, shallow media commentators, many of whom will run and hide at the first sign of turmoil? As all countries will turn inward, economies collapsing to support their own fracturing bonds that have stood for the last century. Diplomacy will used to freeze defensive push backs as hope for peace will be exploited, no different than what Hitler did as he had the same master. The goal is to maximize souls, move with aggression, shock the world, and negotiate peace then move again catching all by surprise. You are in their territory with no response as the civilization population is at risk and they will kill them all and move ahead. You canít nuke them so you allow them to proceed until they conquer the EU. This is your fate. Then you will get an offer of peace after the Great War; one world government is now in place for peace. Know this America; the shadow government has already sold you out by providing a list of cities they are willing to lose to decimate populations into docile sheep to be led by wolves. Again you are reminded key parts of opposing sides today, take orders from one source.

   The floods are to grab your attention as none of you are listening unless you lose almost all you hold dear. To lose your life on earth is not equal to losing your everlasting soul. These extreme measures are needed to save the children of God. All of you are seduced by the media. All of you are focus on achieving in life at any cost to another. All of you have put the thought of Jesus and your spiritual Father, the Almighty as not important as this is why the dark one is here, to take you. Jesus is here to save all sinners or faithful, Jew or Muslim, Christian or unbeliever all are wanted by God. This is what you must know and God does not care about your prejudices. As opinions on human existence, is flawed from man, who is influenced by the dark one.

   At some point millions of you will face death either dieing from illness, about to drown or lying under a pile of rubble waiting for rescue that will never come. In a flash as the Great War destroys innocent cities. In a medical triage field as you wait for a doctor that never comes, because there are none just consoling faces of hope. When you need to remove fear, there will be a sense of calm that will embrace you because you are coming home. Say the following prayer 3 times a day as death comes. Laminate the following words on a card and carry it with you always, and be willing to share it no matter whom or what the person is or has done, Jesus welcomes all. This is just a transition as all of you will be surprised as your conscience pulls away from your earthly body.


Crusade Prayer (142) Preparing for death

My dearest Jesus, forgive me my sins. Cleanse my soul and prepare me to enter Your Kingdom.

Grant me the Graces to prepare for my unification with You. Help me to overcome any fear.

Grant me the courage to prepare my mind and my soul, so that I am fit to stand before You.

I love You. I trust in You. I give You myself in body, mind and soul for eternity. Let Your Will be mine and release me from pain, doubts or confusion. Amen.


   The media will see the floods unleashed and hear the stories suppressed or dumb down reports of devastation know that you have a responsibility to the human race to tell the truth quietly as a messenger is only as good if not discredited or fired.


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