Most will turn on God and you as the few Hold on to the Truth

Tactics to prevail the coming Persecution

The Book of Truth


Written Aug 31

   The most common mistake the faithful will make, will be trying to prevent what is coming through their actions and prayers. Your actions if pure will only dilute. As almost all will fail when they face strong opposition when backed with threats. You are only as good as your weakest link. This is where some of you are in denial. Not in my lifetime, but it is. This must happen in order to save the human race, Godís children, even as 90% will die in the physical flesh as foretold in the prophecies in the coming short years, but billions of souls will be saved through Godís wisdom and ultimate mercy. This is where you must trust the creator of all life, the Almighty. Accept Jesus as Savior of mankind as He died for your sins and not your human mind. This is the goal and there will be proof, but lives will be loss due to mankindís pride of knowledge that was God given.

   Now your prayers are needed if you direct them to where they will do the must good. You have to choose. As all of you have free will and the misconception is that God will direct what is needed on this earth. This is true, but you must ask and not assume He eradicates evil. Look around, as good and evil are in balance, but the scales have tipped as this is the problem. Yes they will decrease the intensity of the chastisements, which will stun the world in the coming months and years, but they would be better used for conversion and then protection of the lost souls who persecute you. Did not an apparition of Mary warn you about consecrating Russia, but you dismissed this. They are the threat as the astute now see. But you say we donít see results.

   Again you do not understand if a few believe and 98% dismiss the power of prayer, this results in miracles lining up in that proportion as a balance between light and dark, but depends on the purity of the soul that Jesus resides in. This is the Truth.

   Recite the seal of protection if you want to be protected against physical harm, which is according to the will of God, but know this; you will suffer until the Second Coming, but you will witness in your physical body the return of Christ. A sight and experience selected for the few in this universe and time that will never be repeated. The only guarantee you have is that you will be alive at that point, nothing else. If your soul is in danger of being lost to the dark one the survival your earthly life may be taken to protect your everlasting soul. Again this is the goal.

    Many of look around and see evil in this world and now the damage is killing thousands. Murder will surge in so called civilized countries. Genocide will be prevalent in countries that laws of society have broken down in respecting the rights of their own.

   You are not to judge as your comments no matter brash or subtle will affect the minds of others. Never let your opinion lead a soul astray for you will answer to God for your arrogance and pride. But first, you must get your house in order as the greatest failure will be those that think they are so holy or devout little preparation shall be taken to protect their souls as they assume all is fine.

   You are the primary targets of the dark one, those closest to God and if you fall, few will be able to drag themselves out of the pit they fell into. Only if you call out to Jesus will He exorcized you from the grip of the devil. Never under estimate the force of evil. This is his grip on mankind, but few of you see the signs as if you are up against mere men. If only this was the case.

   Realize this; never let pride or arrogance in your knowledge of the Lord, put you above others for your vision is flawed as you look at this world through the eyes of men. Again all of us were told to take the plank out of eye, but few have listened. Jesus came to this world to save all sinners and every one of us is a sinner including you and I. There are subtle degrees either you are a sinner in Godís eyes or free of which is impossible for you are not God. This is why all are equal in Godís eyes and it comes down to forgiveness. Look at your children, if one steals 25 cents or 100,000 dollars, they stole and broke that trust according to the resources of the family, understand that. If one fails in school which is not a sin, but used to make an example does it matter if it is by a point or 20 points, they still fail. There is no grey area in Godís eyes either you are for Him or against Him. In order to bring others home, clean up your house first and then you can expand.

   The Catholic Church and its leaders at the highest levels have a new agenda, although many will not see this at first. So many of you will accept the new changes as it must be right if the pope backs it. You were told the Laws of the Almighty and the Word given to us through Jesus never changes, only the wants of men. This is now at the crux that faces humanity. The test is, how many of will stay true or succumb to the persuasion or persecution of men directed by the dark one?

   You see how certain groups past and now in the present execute men in the name of God. This is never in the name of God; again this influence comes from another source. How can it be if His commandment states thou shall never kill except in self defense? No man can defend God as they are only His tools. Threats of death are given to convert, if they donít, then what? What you do not see is the soul is lost in fear. If they convert, anger rages from within as the decision was forced. Are these traits of God who espouses and is love? Free will means that man must choose without coercion even if this choice is to believe in God, Almighty.

   Few will have the power to change the opinions of family members as you will be seen as old fashion. Silence even as you see the world slip away is the best option for the many; few will have the power to change the many. You will be called, again so few will answer. At some point they will come to you. Instead of letting them being turned off with the same old story rhetoric provide a new angle. Promise them nothing. Tell them to prepare for the worst, but with the mercy of God expect the best. They will have no choice, either they will die or cling to hope, which is better? You will be told that you are not in touch with human society. You are not sensitive to the current rights of others. They will say, ďYou do realize times have changed since Jesus has walked the earthĒ. All of this will be thrown at you. The sting will be from those you had trusted.

    Know this; the dark oneís influence shall be unmistakable and you will know it by the venom that spews from the mouths of what was family and friends as they turn on you. Repeat what was just told to you in this message in anger of a defense and you will lose them. It is here you will excise humility. Some will not understand as many will find it hard to discern the Truth in the near future. Just know they are influenced and rise above this and save their asses.

   Nothing has changed with the Word of God, but mankind has or will in the near future. Ask the pope when he changes. He will change how we look at Jesus. Do you think God did not foresee these times and the needs of man? This is why the Scriptures in the Bible are the salvation of mankind.

   Are you now saying God is not all knowing for He did not considers the present needs of mankind?  You say rules were designed to apply to the past, but not now as diversity embrace all. Does not Jesus love all, you will be told? This is the deception. This is why the world will feel the wrath of God. No different than the Jews who discarded the Word of Almighty as Moses returned from the mount. There were destroyed.

   It shall your job to plan, to embrace them after the warning. Let them (family and friends) go for now, but plant a subtle suggestion if things do not work out. Most of all, they are welcome home. This is the key. Almost all must fall and it is you, not despair that will pick up the pieces. The goal here is to save as many after their mistakes where many rebuke the foundation of Christianity to embrace another. As to shun them will be a loss of their souls to the dark side.

   The sad part is, that a third of mankind will perish after the comet impacts earthís biosphere. I need all of you in a quiet moment when someone is facing death, to tell them the Truth, it is not the end. When they get to the other side, they need to be prepared as the sacred servants are now falling short. Ask them to say while alive, Jesus please forgive me, or ďJesus deliver us helpless sinners from Your enemies.Ē, then recite the Hail Mary until they expire. This is how you save a soul. This is what you must do as you look with conviction into their eyes as they face the fear of death, to which you have none. This is what Jesus wants you to do. For you will be their only physical hope. Know this, as they pass on they will be waiting and rooting for us as you and I are still in the trenches fighting the evil one.

   Jesus went after the sinner and so shall you actively after the Warning, but before this event, it is just passive suggestion. Crusade prayers will be most effective for the majority. Those that will listen shall in time fear society, then rise and for the most part prevent their actions.

   Those in fear shall succumb to a loss of status, or being called a Jesus freak, one who has rejected the freedom from a dark presence to embrace the human choice. You will be told, all have the right to choose who they love. You will be told a woman has control of her body and can abort a soul that lives within her. You will be told sin applies to the past and society has evolved where the rights of other supercede the Laws to God.

   It is here mankind will incur the Wrath of God.  Nothing on this earth shall be placed before the Creator, nothing. Know this; the storms that will eventually rage on earth are from the hand of the Almighty. Let there be no mistake by whose hand devastation befalls this earth. Scientists will bring forth their theories, but their will explanations shall make no sense.

   Read the chronicles and you will discern the Truth. They are lying to protect the interests of the rich. They are banking on you will listen. If this falters then celebrities and the media will agree, all to defer action of the public. Your governments have stalled as you watch little war after another spreads. When the truth is obvious, they will scatter like roaches when the light is turned on, like in a dark tenement. The pope, politicians or scientists can not explain that which is God except His prophets. This has been foretold. When it is obvious to the world change has come, the false prophets, I mean cowards shall rise. Remember, those who have provided a foundation when none believe this for over a decade, this is where the Truth is. 

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