Does a Belief in God Affect Their Existence?

   For any advanced life form, a belief in the God, the essence One is firm with a deep reverence. There is no doubt and all have a working relationship. There are privy to knowledge that the life energy once formed as soul, exists without end. History has taught mankind many things. One important conclusion is that most of mankind believes in God or Deity. The concept of a higher power has evolved from superstitions to the worship of many false gods to the dark one and ultimately on Earth to the various religions equally preparing us for an everlasting life.

   As we progress into a more civilized world some have come to realize, it is the soul that counts and it is how we use our life here to help or hurt mankind that prepares us. The Zetas and the almost infinite amount of other advanced races take the concept of religion to the next level, where the spirituality of the entity is one with God and the universe. Where love radiates from the being towards others beyond the comprehension of most humans unless you have pass to and returned in a near death experience. Only then, can you see through the control of the religious sects for control of the masses or a true compassion for helping your fellow man.  Empathy and respect for all living things is considered before any action is taken. They walk with God in their hearts everyday and practice it through their actions as some Humans also do today. It is this action as to why they and many others are here today. To provide assistance to all innocent and benevolent beings on Earth in their time of need. By implanting a set guide lines where the goal is to self empower.

  All races within the Universe set various amounts time aside to praise the Almighty thru personalized meditation, as every relationship is unique. This is a universal concept when one has to relate to God. They also make atonement for any injustice done in their lives, yes even advanced beings make mistakes, but you have to realize they are held to a much higher set of rules. For a comparison consider, for any crime, would we apply the same justice to a toddler as a harden adult? We have been told not to judge and with good reason, for only God knows what is in another's heart. As with any advanced life form, they are not here to judge, but help. It is not their job to advance technology, but inspire mankind to advance themselves in conjunction with responsibility, as both go hand and hand. Does a teacher give the answers to a test or the tools for you to answer the question on your own? God is first and foremost in the lives of advanced beings, just as it should be in ours. If we learn anything from the Zetas and other advanced life forms, lets learn that.

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