Why Donít They Just Land in Public?

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   Primarily, a public landing would be sudden, with no learning curve of the present progressive rate of sightings from ships being mistaken for balloons and wobbly spacecraft to interstellar vessels that accelerate from zero to hypersonic speeds in a fractional second to dampen anxiety and fear of the unknown among nervous population. Secondary, the group that mankind would present as their best (they follow orders, tunnel vision) is not the contacts an advanced race would seek out. So individual contact is made outside of the control of powerful men and governments. This is where the true talent and wise souls exist, as conformity and a compromise of beliefs are not an option and cannot be corrupted. Thus the current status quo from the elite in control of this world, would suppress or just ignore such individuals as a nuisance, if pressed, attempts would be made to a eliminate the source. Without money and conventional backing, it was assumed all would just fail. Although today with some, this is not the case.

   Many of you are familiar with the rule of non-interference thru sci-fi movies. This universal concept is true, a golden additional rule that is applied to all advanced races, the format followed for all developing worlds in the universe, which includes our planet, Earth. All visiting life forms are bound by this rule, whether it is a race of beings who enlightens or otherwise. A violation where an action initiated by a visiting race without a request or call from the native sentient population would result in quarantine contact at the slightest infraction. There must always be an element of doubt concerning life on other worlds, in order for human life to continue to evolve naturally balanced environment. Confirmation of life on other worlds as a surprise would lead to cults, The weak minded worshiping the advanced ones as gods, which they are not. As children, do we not idolized our parents, only to realize later, they were not without faults. Humans, an emerging life form in the universe will progress and mature. Now as the awakening and transformation process proceeds on Earth, contact will be integrated into all facets of existence. The process is meant to be slow as to allow for one's sense to open up towards the idea of other intelligent beings in the universe as opposed to a sudden event, which would frighten and shut off a feeling of openness to most. They will come a point where interstellar craft will be known by all, it is up the government of the United States to admit or be embarrassed by a sighting that leaves little doubt. At this point, you will lose all creditability as long as there is true movement for disclosure, this will be tolerated. But, an attempt to hold back due to the protection of those behind suppression, all will fall.

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