Are Zetas Here to Benefit Mankind?  

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   Quite simply, the answer is yes, but what will surprise most the Human race this genetic merger benefits the Zetas also. The emotional connection with each other lost during genetic engineering will be learned through mixing of the hybrids. They are now an integral part in the evolutionary development of mankind and will add cold logic with a resolute on caring. Our civilization is just beginning to tinker with gene manipulation and cloning. The results have been a very limited success to all the unreported failures of genetic nightmares. This scientific knowledge has been a part of Zeta history for hundreds of millennia and was incorporated with other races in the universe as a necessary process as a race ascends to the next level. As primary biogenetic engineering scientists, they will be responsible for the many physical and mental leaps in the present species of Homo Sapiens residing on Earth.

   Why do you think that there has been no direct genetic links found by DNA testing of the early fossils of man? The search for the missing link will never be solved, as each leap incorporated gene splicing of the genetic makeup of advanced beings in order to improve mankind mental capabilities from their basic beginnings of several ape origins. Zetas present task is to move mankind to equal status in intelligence and spirituality to the many advanced beings visiting Earth now, which will be accomplished transparently to most of those surviving over the next few decades.  

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