Are Advanced Life Forms a Danger to the Human Existence?  

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   Contrary to some published reports, most movies, a majority of internet sites, and paid disinformation agents, some covertly backed by the elite like Mufon and Seti, all advance life forms operating in the service to other orientation visiting Earth are benign. Their technology is thousands of times more advanced than mankind and far ahead of their dark counterparts. If conquest were their agenda, the Earth would have been theirs eons ago. In fact, if it was not for their interference, we would still be slaves of those residing on the 12th planet. Contrary to your history, the Egyptians were the descendants of these slaves as was all of early mankind. Only after a devastating pole shift, was the planet abandoned and the slaves became masters of their land. Following the example, enslaved the Jews.

   Mankind is one of the many seeded infant civilizations of this universe, to be guided and protected from advanced life forms with a self-serving agenda by the enlighten ones as if it was one of their own, without direct interference. It is only the elite that summon that turned to the dark to support their agenda, with only guidance allowed and offered.

   The Zetas are a race operating in the service to other orientation, which comprises 90% of the visitors interacting with Earth during this period of transformation and tribulation. It is their job to help, prepare, and genetically advance mankind. This task involves an entire race of beings. Now imagine the entire population of Earth placed in spaceships, they arrive at a violent planet and the have to advise by thought suggestion as if the idea was the entity's own without interfering. The target species, what you know in comparison as a caveman on a planetary scale to interact in a short segment of time to act and be accepted as a peer. All, while simultaneously evening the playing field so no one of the affected race for change has advantage in the end. This is their task and this is why you need not fear, for they and God is our only hope.  

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