What is the Human IQ Equivalent of a Zeta?

   The mental capacities of the Zetas, far exceeds that of the human being. Present day IQ tests cannot measure the cognitive advanced abilities of the Zetas or other life forms visiting Earth as there is no base to compare. The structure of their brain allow the energy of a life force to manipulate the molecular makeup in a quantum leap of efficiency. They can easily manipulate matter and the flow of energy by mere thought. Levitation of matter, telepathy, the power to heal, an expanded visual cortex to encompass a spectrum of light waves outside of human vision are just a few of their normal abilities. Among their emotions, the benevolent have the ability to project unconditional compassion and love. No test can gauge energy flows of which mankind has little knowledge of.

   They can process and keep track of thousands of thoughts simultaneously compared to the mere dozens humans can. Putting it into prospective, although most advanced mental features have no point of reference in human terms, the average IQ according to the Zeta Talk website, the source of this information, would exceed 287.

  The future of mankind will advance, as genetic engineering now occurring and during the next decades produces an evolutionary leap in spiritual responsibility and with increased intelligence, thus closing the gap.

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