How is the Zeta Physiology Similar to Humans?

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   The Zetas have many more similarities to the physiology of mankind than differences. I will point out several similarities first of the species that is presently assisting mankind during this transformation period. They have a heart, lungs and brain and are warm blooded. They are a carbon-based life form as opposed to silicon based, which is common throughout the universe and their hemoglobin is iron based. The sensory organs of the eyes, ears, nose, and skin are also present plus other not present in mankind. Reproductive organs when present are used for relationships of pure love, although cloning is used for propagation. Most important, their DNA is compatible with ours. This allows them to be genetic donors. Thus as the hybrid program proceeds, elimination of disease, birth defects and dull intelligence will benefit from a procedure of gene snipping and insertion specific zeta genes into the human zygote for future mankind. For the many who have imagined, lets bridge the gap towards reality, thus addressing differences. The height for the majority of Zetas, have a range between 3 and 6.5 feet with an average weight of 40 lbs for the Zeta on the small side to 80 lbs. on the large side. The hairless head, almond shaped projects 50% or more beyond the back of the neck and at a minimum is nearly double the width of humans. The skin color is gray only because human eyes cannot register their true color, although some have a mixture of brown, pink, and white splotches scattered about the top and back of the head. The brain has two distinct lobes apparent from an outside visual and with some Zetas there is a slight crease on the top of their skulls between the brain lobes. Enhanced, the brain processes thousands of thoughts simultaneously while tapping a memory reservoir superior to earth's best super computers. The separate areas of the mind work seamlessly ( as opposed to our conscience and sub conscience), allowing them to meld as one. The forehead protrudes over the brow, which gives new abilities such as telepathy and movement of solid matter by mere thought. The large black teardrop shaped eyes with the point facing the nose have a matrix or web like appearance for reinforcement of the smooth- surfaced eye structure, a genetic modification engineered due to the low light underground environment from which they came from. The electromagnetic spectrum, which stimulates the visual cortex, is expanded. There are new colors available to the eye to behold with no reference of description to humans. The ability to see heat energy radiating from living tissue (blue auras with humans) and in some cases electrical energy can be perceived. The small nostrils contained within the nasal structure are slightly raised above the facial structure and holes on the side of the head represent any resemblance of a nose and ears with the range smell and hearing extended beyond human comprehension. Their small mouth and digestive tract has no outlet and does not provide any functionality. The Zetas have an additional system, which allows for the absorption of nutrients and excretion of waste through the skin. The nutrients are artificially manufactured and mixed into water-based solution contained in their baths providing all needed intake of sustenance. The neck is less than half the diameter of a human and is approximately twice the proportional length. Their built is slim with the limbs resembling the diameter that of a broom sticks. Their chest is a rigid framework as opposed to an expandable chest in humans. Breathing is a process where one lung inflates as the other deflates so the rigid chest cavity maintains a constant volume. Their arms are speckled with green freckles, with color intensity depending upon individual exposure to sunlight. This allows them to absorb extra nutrients from sunlight in times of need. Their skin is rough to the human touch, but you were to hold one, you feel slightly warmer body with the heat softly diffused evenly about all surfaces. They have small palms with the thumb projecting from its center and 3 other fingers, which the center one is at least double the length of an average human middle finger. The have nails thicker and coarser than humans, but the interesting feature is the enlarged pores on their finger tips allowing chemical analysis in conjunction with touch and feel. Their walk is similar to what is portrayed in Star Gate (TV), which is jerky when the greys are shown. Communication is by telepathy, allowing the working environment to proceed in the most efficient way. They can and do read human thoughts anytime by just tuning in. This allows the true feeling of empathy towards humans to be fully explored. Their spirituality and responsibility towards other life forms has been rewarded by God, as he has bestowed upon them as a race many advanced mental capabilities.

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