How are They Interacting with Humans Now?

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   Most contact is conducted at the sub conscience level, as to preserve the human free will process of thought, mandated by the rule of non-interference. But, there is a reason almost as important. Some star children would be too caught up in the visual stimuli and technological wonders, thus severely impeding their missions on Earth as they daydream of contact. Although there is some conscience level interaction between both races, it is with the same established limited set of individuals and only used to benefit all of mankind and this group will not change as disclosure moves forward.

   The advanced ones inspire and help nurture spirituality and responsibility on a personal soul to soul level. The spark once ignited within a curious mind of the human, the call for help is given and the advanced ones are there to guide the gifted through some of the most difficult concepts. Discoveries and knowledge of new technology come with strict regulations. Fame, money, prestige or exploitation by the few cannot be the goal. The recipient must be able to comprehend and expand on all new ideas and translate it into a layman's explanation for all to gain. It is part of belonging to the whole for the benefit of many. 

   For some Human Star Children with crucial missions, there is constant telepathic communication, no different than you talking to a colleague. It is similar to when you are thinking to yourself, the words are heard in your mind. The key difference is that the ideas form in your mind much faster than your thoughts can process. This is how you know, it is for real.

  So for those criminals that stated the words in my head made me to do it. It is true the words were there, but the individual chose to listen and carried out the action with free will. If your friend asks you to commit a crime, it was your choice to listen. On Earth most advisors are about the light with others pushing the influence of dark, it is up to you to choose. It is this battle that Earth is presently going through during transformation.

   As for advanced technology that would tip the balance of power for the ruthless, none is given. It is up to the star child to develop the true concept, although there is guidance as an advisor to empower the skills of the human and unlock the vast knowledge stored in the soul. For a select few, the advisors includes the ultimate spiritual guide God, which is no different than the words in the Bible referencing that He spoke to Moses.

   What about the working relationship with the government of the United States? This has moved from control of the Navy and secret bases to a personal relationship with key people within the Executive branch and the individual. As the goals for this planet are not shared by most of the elite and the members of the political parties that back them. The bankers are of the position, that this is their world, built on their greed and influence. It is not the place of any advanced being to interfere and change things. This is where we stand today in early 2011.

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