How Would the Zetas Like to be Perceived by Humans?  

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   The Zetas would like to be perceived as benevolent race that has helped the Human race to prepare themselves for the challenging times that are now occurring on Earth. Instilling a path to explore spiritual wisdom and enlightenment to the individual as a personal choice, while sacrificing their unique racial signature in the universe by genetically splicing with mankind to advance both races on the evolutionary scale. Quoting, “We the Zetas would like the population of the Earth to see us like the beings portrayed in Close Encounters of a Third Kind. As a kind and gentle race, which is caring for and respecting all life on Earth as if it was ourselves. Technically, we are far in advance of the beings based upon us, seen in the TV series SG1 and will use this knowledge to advance Earth out of the scientific dark ages in the near future.” Overall, Hollywood paints a different picture, driven only by box office receipts. While others subliminally plant fear in the minds of humans preferring no contact thus preserving the status quo, lets not rock the boat.

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