Now That I Have the Knowledge, How do I Handle Ridicule?  

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   Those who have battled within over the evidence, subtle or blatantly buried and have arrived at a conclusion that life on other worlds does exist. You find yourself isolated as the field of accepting friends shrink. So you recoil as you catch words of ridicule and crazy dropped during general unrelated conversations. This was the case throughout the first decade after 2000 and the past. But you say projects like Seti Institute are involving the public in the search for extra terrestrials. Really, an organization looking for radio signals including that latest news one "may" have been found, when communication is via telepathy, good luck on that one. If it is a search you want, then you need to know were to look. You would not be disappointed in a search and would find what you want, if you started in certain US bases or depositories.

   Now in 2011 this will decrease, as some sightings leave little doubt they are not of this Earth. Instead of the standard UFO of a slow drift, blinking or as stationary object, which allowed debunking by the world's governments and a low anxiety level among the general population. Now the spacecraft accelerate from a hover position to velocities beyond our technology and have been capture several times on video at different positions on You Tube. Your continuing enlightenment and awakening is foremost, because without you, who is there to make a change. A low-key approach is recommended. Concentrate on a receptive audience, where your words will inspire the few and their words affect a secondary set of a few more. Change comes from a firm decision made of free will, one person at a time until a tipping point has been reached. Only then will disclosure be made to all that already knows the answer. So it becomes a non event for most and a shock for those in denial.   

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