A Demand for Proof


A documentation of upcoming astronomical events responsible for the official discovery of the repulsion force.

   Most grad students from around the world have are questioning, does the repulsion force exists, and if so, where are the laboratory experiments to back the claim? Scientists have used Newton’s laws of gravitation for centuries. Their supportive evidence is NASA‘s deep space probes launched into to space, and its ability to reach the intended targets. So how will the scientific community sort out the maze of new information?

   As we skip ahead almost a decade since this paper in 2002 was first written, the world has changed. The 12th planet, currently that was approaching our solar system is now residing presently in 2010 between Mercury and Venus. Those in the elite circles of astrophysics were well aware of this object since its discovery in 1983 by the infrared observatory, but more important preventing disclosure even to this present day. The term, fading red nova was chosen as an explanation for the object, which never became part of the public media on first approach. The establishment hoping to avoid controversy is leaning towards the stance of no comment, and there is great indecision on how to handle the upcoming events.

 Revealing the existence of the 12th planet leaves the field of astronomy in charge of observatories no alternate as they are all bound to an agreement of national security.  Scientists with access to observatory grade telescopes in the spring of 2002 and amateur equipment during the summer of 2002 were able to view the object, but silenced with a few pictures released in 2003 via the internet. Presently, views of the 12th planet are showing regularly up on images from SOHO.    

   A key point is to watch when the 12th planet reaches the repulsion point of the Sun and the planets within the known solar system. The location and the date of the repulsion or deflection point on March 3, 2003, approximately 9.1665 billion miles from the center of this solar system. The position of the 12th planet is to be documented as a reference point to counter opposite opinions maintaining the status quo. The coordinates for Apr 6, 2002 is at RA 4.41768 and Dec 12.13219( additional coordinates below).  Astronomers may use the name free floater. Look for a fuzzy diffuse object, a brown dwarf radiating in the red spectrum by filtering for red light not presently on current star charts. Other brown dwarfs, considered sputtering or failed stars will confuse the issue along with the discovery of large percentages of liquid water and oxygen through spectrum analysis while emitting a self contain source of heat and light from the 12th planet. Scientists wanting to protect the hierarchy in astrophysics will ignore or dismiss all findings knowing the playing field will be level for all to start at a new beginning.  Let the debates begin.

The following information was archived from Zeta Talk in 2002

Additional coordinates

RA 4.13262   Dec 11.16319  Apr 07, 2003
RA 4.16137   Dec 11.21455  Apr 01, 2003
RA 4.17971   Dec 11.54782  Mar 25, 2003
RA 4.18223   Dec 11.63113  Mar 17, 2003
RA 4.35941   Dec 12.11749
  Feb 09, 2003
RA 4.35948   Dec 12.11813 
Feb 02, 2003
RA 4.36007   Dec 12.11875
 Jan 21, 2003
RA 4.36239   Dec 12.11946 
Jan 13, 2003
RA 4.36743   Dec 12.12001
  Dec 29, 2002

RA 4.37531   Dec 12.12103  Dec 18, 2002
RA 4.37757   Dec 12.12323  Dec 06, 2002
RA 4.37992   Dec 12.12499  Nov 20, 2002
RA 4.38667   Dec 12.12537  Nov 15, 2002

RA 4.400057 Dec 12.13215  Nov 06, 2002
RA 4.400546 Dec 12.13745  Oct 25, 2002
RA 4.400986 Dec 12.13942  Oct 03, 2002
RA 4.400347 Dec 12.14128  Sep 15, 2002

RA 4.405136 Dec 12.13919  Jul 13, 2002  
RA 4.404983 Dec 12.13895
  Jun 30, 2002
RA 4.402098 Dec 12.13698
  Jun 22, 2002
RA 4.402167 Dec 12.13781
  Jun 09, 2002

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