What is Behind the 2 Delegations of Senators led by Reid and McConnell in Asia


Written April 24 2011

   During the past week two groups of Senators traveled to Asia with details about the trip withheld for security. Senate majority leader, Reid led nine other bi partisan Senators to Hong Kong and China to oversee American investments. While McConnell, Senate minority leader lead a delegation to Korea, India and Afghanistan with at least five other senators. Why the sudden trip cloaked in secrecy with little media attention during a time when budget battles are of prime concern for the financial stability of this nation. Did not Obama make a trip many of these same countries in Asia with many business leaders in November 2010? The Republican party states that China was taking our jobs, but now it is American investment that created the factories in which the Chinese people work for less than their American counterparts and they are going to inspect them. Why now, why so many Senators and why both majority and minority leaders? What is so important?

   The elite with great influence on the body of the Senate were aware that the process that was slowing the Earth changes which started in Dec 2010, would resume around April 21 and then accelerate sinking parts of Indonesia to start. The two groups of selected senators were preassembled after the devastation in Japan was far worse than anticipated. When the Indo-Australian and South America plates started to move, verified by satellite and GPS monitoring stations at startling rate, one teams was dispatched early this week, April 18. Face to face meetings with leaders in Asia to reinforce the secrecy behind the Earth changes. Extreme steps taken to make sure no leaks via electronic transmissions are made. So the cover story of trade and finance talks planned for some time was released with few details for the trip.

   So what did they discuss? What steps are in place to protect the region from radioactivity and how will future events be contained with the massive Japanese quakes yet to come? What could be done to slow access to the internet and its flow of information to the common man? If the public loses credibility in the official source of information, erosion of control could result, up and including removal of the established from office. What can be done to relocate the people of Japan and Indonesia? Agreements to help with emergency construction, food, medicine and assist with search and rescue. Concerns of threats to the established regimes was mentioned, if word of the cover up reaches the people, what would be the official response from the West? Sensing that cracks may develop these countries as Hu was asked to inform his people, the Senators were sent to reassure Asian leaders they must stick together at all costs. Even with media suppression, events in southeast Asia and South America will catch almost all by surprise by the scope of those affected. The biggest concern is how long before the shift as they are hoping sooner than later, so that the present leaders will continue to be the leaders after in the confusion of the disasters. Most of all there, is no division between the Republican and Democratic parties when faced with the pole shift as all know after the shift with the backing of the military they would all be leaders for life. It is this front they are presenting behind closed doors in Asia. These are some goals in the closed door meetings outside of the official purpose of the trip.

   What the American pubic needs to know is that the Senators you elected to serve your needs may be looking after the elite that financed their campaigns as a priority and all seem to come together for this effort, but when it comes to you, its a fight and you the voter for the most part, loses. Have they provided the resources to help Americans like the well stocked and protected bunkers for the elite? This needs to change, because in this country every citizen should be given a fair chance to prepare for the future as a free choice.

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