Now that I am Convinced there is a God

What are my First Steps?


Written Oct 23


   Upon realizing you now have a soul and there is no doubt in your mind that you are a child of God what should you do? First you will not go about trying to convince others in what you now believe as your state of beliefs still have to be forge as solid as many will try and sway you. The danger is what you have just concluded can and will be weakened and influenced by others especially those close to you whose opinions matter. You need to strengthen yourself for the battle ahead and the safety of your family.

   First set up your regiment of prayers to be said if possible at 3pm everyday Minimum of 1 Our Father, 5 decades of Hail Mary and Crusade Prayers 33, 58, 66 as a level 1 start. Those ready to move at your own pace to level 2 can add a decade(s) of the Hail Mary, and Crusade Prayer 43 and a day of fasting only soft drinks until 6pm for your concerns of the world first and then your family especially pray for those in your family that have past and your ancestors. If alone or in a prayer group say them aloud when in the company of others or work say them in your head. This is a supernatural protection, which you are unfamiliar with as you now know you spirit transcends death as many have reported in their near death experiences. Use the reference material documented in the Power of Prayer I and II to give you some insight.

   At level 3 to where you see the need to help those in your family by suggesting and planting a seed as to preaching you may start spreading the word. It is by pointing out facts and signs already present than using those that are to come that will bring you ears. Those that refuse to listen, just move on politely without engagement and then add them to your prayer list. This is the way Jesus did it and you will follow the same path laid out by Him. After the warning, all affected knowing their suffering was lessened by your words and prayers all will thank you.


Reading Requirements

The Messages


Inspirational Messages


The Book of Truth

on the warning page


Spiritual Requirements


For Roman Catholics:


Confession every 2 weeks

The Eucharist once a week, if possible daily


For all Others:


Prayer for Absolution


I am now ready to move forward with Jesus, how can I get closer?


The point is to take some quiet time talk to Him and establish a relationship for it is only His words you will listen to. This is the focus. No matter what you see in the world. No matter what doubts are planted by others you trust. You trust only Him. For additional daily prayers look at all the Crusade Prayers and pick some that will help you, your family and the world. Time is short so start today.



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