The Magnetic Neutral Point

within the Ecliptic Plane


   As the 12th planet moves towards the magnetically neutral point of the Sun, the ecliptic plane, its poles align. So how will this affect the Earth? The factors to be consider, are Earth's tilt, slowing of rotation, magnetic diffusion and continental drift with oscillation about the ecliptic plane and intermittent pauses in  the forward progression of the 12th planet out of the solar system.

   The Earth’s magnetic alignment, which did favor a tilt of its north pole towards the south pole of the 12th planet transit during the early part of the 1st decade of the 21st century will shift slowly back to the alignment of the Sun creating surprises. Once caught in the ecliptic plane any rise or dip beyond the point of magnetic neutrality has consequences. This oscillation about the ecliptic plane discussed in detail in the paper the 12th planet tips the north pole of the 12th planet towards Earth while drawing the 12th towards the Sun against the repulsion force. It is the constant wobble the accelerates continental drift, subtle mountain building and increased levels of earthquakes. All of which cause an increased present level of concern of those who are uninformed.

 The process continental drift becomes serious as selected weak areas on the eastern edge of the North American plate begin to sink. This is when the cities become potential death traps due to sink holes over time, while the west coast shakes from earthquakes. The wild card is amount pause time at the neutral point where the return gravitational subatomic particle flows are the strongest, which will only increase as the 12th is pulled in closer to the Sun. How long will the 12th planet sit in this position before punching through the ecliptic? This is in God's hands, but this will usher in a raised level of disasters for the inhabitants of Earth, which for the general population, just a part of life. As for the governments of the world who are prep for the worst while in the know, you will in the end be no better off than the common man, in most cases a large step down in your quality of life.

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